Information Protection and

Risk Management

    • What are your infrastructure and information protection risks and where are your vulnerable areas?
    • Do you know if your vulnerabilities and gaps are secured and control solutions being implemented?
    • What procedures are in place to monitor potential threats and manage incidents?

    • Does your organization support or promote a risk & control aware culture?
    • How does your organization compare with "best practice" benchmarks for your industry?

    Our Information Protection and Risk Management team comprises information security professionals who are recognized leaders in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, logical and physical security, and auditing. We are experienced in reviewing, analyzing, developing, and implementing security and control solutions.

    We specialize in tailoring an engagement and a program to meet our clients' needs, whether they require a broad management view or demand a highly focused technical perspective. 

    • Information Risk Management Framework
    • Information Risk Awareness
    • Information Risk Assessment & Classification
    • Security Administration
    • Security Monitoring
    • Incident Handling & Emergency Response
    • Data Privacy & Compliance


    Electronic Commerce Services
    Full service solutions to ensure that business integrity objectives of security, availability, reliability, and scalability are achieved in electronic commerce activities including:

    • Internet/ eBusiness Infrastructure Review and Design
    • Firewall Review
    • Cryptography
    • Public Key Infrastructure
    • Certificate Authority
    • Certification Services
    • WebTrust
    • Audience Measurement and advertising delivery auditing
    • eBusiness Capability Assessment

    Telecoms and Network Services
    Supporting the suppliers and end-users of the converging telecommunications and information services and technologies in the identification of business risks and in the development and implementation of risk optimized technology solutions to support their business objectives and plans.  Key services include:

    • Telecoms & Network Security Review
    • Revenue Assurance Service

    Resource Protection Services

    Resource Protection Services provide cost effective and timely advice on information security solutions.  The key services provided are:

    • Security Penetration Testing
    • Enterprise Security Architecture Design
    • IT Risk Assessment
    • Security Training Services
    • Security awareness training
    • Platform specific training