Technology Risk Management

    • What are your compliance risks and where are your vulnerable areas?
    • Do you know if your compliance policies are being implemented?
    • What procedures are in place to establish a compliance-supporting culture?
    • How does your organization compare with "best practices" benchmarks for your industry?

    Technology is increasingly transforming the way businesses are conducted in today’s environment of rapid information exchange.  As information is exchanged through interconnected networks and systems, internally and externally with the increased use of the corporate intranet and the fast growing internet, the very survival of business it itself dependent on operating risks being managed effective.  Security, system availability, managing of changes, problem escalation, crisis management can no longer occupy only cursory attention of senior management.  The technology risks for businesses today are of paramount importance that serious thoughts need to be put into managing these risks proactively and effectively.

    Our Technology Risk team comprises practitioners who are leaders in the area of recognizing and evaluating risks and threats to information and systems since the early stages of information technology development.

    Our Services

  • Technology Risk Management comprises the following services:
    • Technology Control Self Assessment (CSA)
    • Technology Risk Indicators and Risk Reporting
    • Technology Risk Tracking & Resolution
    • Technology Risk Solution
    • Information Protection and Risk Management
    • Business Continuity Risk Management 


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