Compliance Risk Management


    • What are your compliance risks and where are your vulnerable areas?
    • Do you know if your compliance policies are being implemented?
    • What procedures are in place to establish a compliance-supporting culture?
    • How does your organization compare with "best practices" benchmarks for your industry?

    Compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical conduct standards is a major concern of Boards of Directors and Senior Executives.  With the multiplicity of regulations and standards that exists today, the key is to establish the right policies and procedures--and to continually update them to reflect changing circumstances.

    Our Compliance Risk Management (CRM) services help clients meet both external and internal regulatory requirements. We can identify your current compliance risks, build leading-edge compliance programs, manage the compliance infrastructure, and measure and monitor actual practices--to ensure that your company meets the highest standards.  CRM services are based on the total compliance continuum, starting from the top of the organizational hierarchy and drilling down into the core business processes of your operations.

    Corporate Governance is one of key CRM services.  Corporate Governance defines the way the Board of Directors and Senior Executives execute and govern the company's overall compliance strategy and ethical mission, often conveyed by the "tone-at-the-top".

    Our CRM services

    1. Corporate Governance
    2. Audit committee support
    3. Regulatory Compliance Monitoring and Management Framework
    4. Integrated Risk and Compliance Management
    5. Development and support of the Chief Compliance Officer function