Enterprise Risk Management

    • How can you enhance shareholder value through effective enterprise-wide risk management strategies?
    • How do you determine which risks to take, which to avoid, which to manage, and which to accept?
    • How do you decide where to allocate resources among a variety of options with different risks and potential rewards?
    • How do you develop and implement effective enterprise-wide risk management processes throughout an organisation?
    • In short, how do you articulate “risk appetite” and how do you make it work in your risk management program?


    In order to answer these critical questions, our Enterprise Risk Management specialists work closely with senior management to clarify and articulate your organization's overall business objectives and the strategies identified to achieve those objectives.  We then work with you and designated business or functional units, through a series of one-on-one meetings and facilitated group sessions, to identify and assess the key risks that can jeopardize achievement of your goals, evaluate the likelihood of occurrence and potential impact, assess the strategies in place to mitigate those exposures, and identify and prioritize additional or alternative risk mitigation strategies needed.  

    Our objectives-based approach to risk assessment and management ensures that major focus is directed at protecting against the risks that would have the greatest impact on realizing your objectives.  An improved understanding of your organization's objectives and risk profile provides the foundation for focusing your entire organization on the critical role risk management plays in the achievement of the organization's goals.

    Traditional point-in-time risk assessment models are expensive and yet quickly rendered outdated or obsolete by today's rapid pace of change.  Clients are increasingly concerned about their ability to effectively and efficiently manage the risks associated with these swift changes.

    In order to address these concerns, today's best practices in risk management focus on proactive and continuous enterprise-wide risk management.  Our Enterprise Risk Management specialists partner with you to design, implement and embed a comprehensive enterprise-wide risk management architecture within the organization. 

    Through our state-of-the-art risk assessment methodology, we enable you to bring this process to life by providing real time, continuous risk assessment and management that is integrated into the strategic plan and day-to-day operations of your organization.

    This process results in a key and important culture shift that empowers each business and functional unit to take responsibility and be accountable for risk management.

    Our Services

    1. Risk and Control Evaluation
    2. Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment
    3. Enterprise Risk Management
    4. Risk Framework Design and Implementation
    5. Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Monitoring
    6. Risk and Control Evaluation
    7. Business Risk Management Training
    8. Risk Management Best Practice Benchmarking
    9. Office of Chief Risk Officer Development and Support