Audit Consultancy & Outsourcing


  • Are you concerned that your internal audit function can't keep up with the changing risks facing your business?

  • Is your Internal Audit function geared to address key and complex risks that are important to the Board, Audit Committee and Executive Management?

  • Do you have the right skilled staff to cover the breadth and depth of work that needs to be done to address Board, Audit Committee and Management needs?

  • Have you considered a partnership in internal audit, or outsourcing part or all of your internal audit function to address resourcing challenges?

Driven by the need for more effective internal audit practices which embraces business risk management, clients turn to our Audit Consultancy & Outsourcing professionals for help in improving or outsourcing their Internal Audit functions or projects.  Depending on your needs, our role can range from assessing your current internal audit organization, structure, and process to the full design, implementation, and ongoing operation of an internal audit function.   

These include:

Internal Audit Outsourcing

Outsourcing provides an attractive solution for companies in changing or seeking alternatives to traditional internal audit approaches and structures.  Many companies have recognized internal auditing, as important, but not as a core competency.  Others have determined that it is impractical to expect their auditors to acquire all the expertise needed to perform effective audits of a wide range of technical areas.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing is a flexible solution for internal audit departments seeking access to specialized skills necessary to augment the expertise of an existing department or to address resource needs in selected geographies.  Using a Strategic Sourcing approach, our internal audit specialists are integrated into an existing internal audit function or can work separately on specific audit projects.

Internal Audit Consultancy

Our Internal Audit Consultancy Services assists your internal audit function in assessing and developing solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the function, re-engineering the existing function, as well as benchmarking the audit function against other world-class audit organizations.  We also provide advice on the use of state-of-the-art internal audit and risk management technologies, such as to audit planning, risk universe prioritization, audit documentation, perform audits and control reviews of key business processes as well as tracking and reporting issues and recommendations. 

Our internal audit services include technical specialist assistance to audit departments in auditing and dealing with complex issues and problems.

            Technology Audit Services

We provide IT audit specialists to support you in specific audits as well as the end-to-end process in defining and executing your technology audit strategy.  Our reviews cover:

Application Controls Review: We support your audit function in identifying and assessing the people, process and technology controls associated with IT applications and business processes.  This includes review of custom applications, as well as packaged solutions, and is supported as needed by a range of tools and practice aids.

Technical Infrastructure Controls Review: We support your audit function in identifying and assessing technology infrastructure vulnerabilities, risks and controls, and providing advice on the implications of the results.  These include technical audit reviews of infrastructure operations, operating systems, networks, as well as security, integrity, and recovery controls in systems development process.

            Internal Audit Training

Our internal audit trained professionals can provide specialized training courses on best practice audit methodology, development of audit universe, audit risk assessment, audit planning, risk mapping, risk-based audits, specialized audits of technical areas to enhance the staff capability.