Strategy & Transformation


Strategy & Transformation

Strategy & Transformation is key in today's business environment.  Businesses need to re-assess the roadmap ahead and re-chart the course as needed.  

Very often this entails significant changes, which need to be effectively implemented to realize the intended benefits.  Badly implemented strategies and transformational changes are often worse than not initiating the changes at all.  

Effective communications will be key ensure there is no gap between what top management perceive as changes needed and how the middle management and ground staff receive and understand the communications to effect these changes.

Examples of areas we can assist our clients with are as follows:

Business strategy and transformation
* Strategy and implementation gap assessment
* Business transformation advisory

Change Management
* Facilitating and managing upward/ downward communications
* Organizational alignment for change

Turnaround advisory
* Diagnose and detect signs of distress and underperformance
* Develop turnaround strategies that work
* Support turnaround process implementation
* Assist with identifying financing in distressed situations
* Advise on risks to management and board members

Integration advisory
* Integrating the business model
* Bringing together channels, customers, and products
* Building synergies across businesses
* Consolidation and integration
* Post merger integration
* Agile operating models
* Technology integration and rationalization
* Regulatory/ governance integration
* Integrated risk management
* Best practice control frameworks

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