Global Client Consulting (GCC) is a collaborative effort that allow senior and highly experienced consultants to team to provide highly valued and quality services to clients.  GCC has global reach through our working partners in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Australasia, and Europe. 

GCC's leverage is the power of many stellar consultants and highly qualified smaller business consulting groups, offering key management consulting services across multiple locations globally.  That's the power of teaming and collaboration!

GCC's single platform allows us to leverage the often deep and highly specialized consulting expertise of the small consulting firms to offer services previously not possible through teaming and collaboration.

We believe how we structure and bring our services to our clients is our biggest competitive advantage; because that's how we give our clients not just the biggest bang for their consulting dollars, but more importantly how we build our services around helping them to achieve sustainable success, and be a critical part of their business success factor.

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