GCC : The Power of Teaming 

& Collaboration

In today’s environment, clients continue to find limited availability of choices in their use of consulting services.  The need for reputable names has largely eliminated most of the smaller consulting firms from the larger clients. From the client-side however, consulting expense has been a big drain. Cost pressures are increasingly raising concerns about continued use of large consulting firms at those high rates. There is a need for provide high value services with the quality and comfort that the clients desire at more reasonable rates. This is where we come in.

Our teaming and collaboration model, while not entirely unique, is unusual as it has never been conceived at this scale.  We allow our clients to benefit from the typically lower consulting fees from the smaller players, but quality offerings across a broad range of end-to-end services; from strategic advisory, assessment to design, delivery, implementation and ongoing management/ maintenance.

Different clients have different experiences in the use of consultants.  One key question is always: "Is the consulting firm truly working and thinking of my corporation's interests first?"  That is a basic question, but has many factors at play and for many reasons that often result in less than the desired value being delivered to client organizations. 

We believe how we structure and bring our services to our clients is our biggest competitive advantage; because that's how we give our clients not just the biggest bang for their consulting dollars, but more importantly how we build our services around helping them to achieve sustainable success, and be a critical part of their business success factor.

We help our clients in dealing with issues/ challenges which can be better done by consultants and through the use of external resources.  We tell our clients if it is not in their company's interest to farm out these work.  We help our clients identify other consultants from other firms, if it is more appropriate that they do the work.  We work with our clients to ensure we are involved in the right work.  We structure our work with our clients to ensure we are compensated for working solutions in our clients' interest.  We focus on what we do best; allowing our clients to focus on what they do best.  The result is our clients have better control of the overall consulting spend.  The consulting work that needed to be done are of much higher quality than before and that at affordable rates.

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